The GDC Cycle of Success was launched in Kenya in 1998.  The United States Agency for International Development's Africa Education Initiative and the Y's Men's International Time of Fast Programme have both provided foundational support for Deaf Kenyans to become teachers.  Kenya is the first country where the Cycle of Success will achieve sustainable Deaf Education.

GDC is proud to announce that eleven Deaf students have graduated from the teacher's college in Kenya in July 2006.  We currently have more on the way to obtaining credentials required by the government to teach the Deaf.  This is an exciting new period for GDC as we are getting closer to our goal of having at least one Deaf teacher in every school for the Deaf in the Sub-Saharan African country.

Deaf Kenyan leaders showed up at the ceremony to support the graduates.  The community at large has recognized the extreme importance of the program supported by GDC and their partners in Kenya and they look forward to continuing the Cycle of Success.

GDC's Kenya Partners

  • Kenya National Association of the Deaf (KNAD)
  • Regional Secretariat for Eastern and Southern Africa (WFD)
  • Kenya Society for Deaf Children (KSDC)
  • Kenya Registry of Interpreters and Transliterators for the Deaf (KRITD)
  • Kenya Ministry of Education
  • Kenya Institute for Education
  • Kenya Institute for Special Education
  • Machakos Teacher's Training College

PAST - 2% of Deaf schools with Deaf teachers

In 1997 there was only 1 Deaf teacher instructing deaf students.  8 groups of GDC Global Ambassadors have traveled to Kenya to provide various trainings.

PRESENT - 50% of Deaf schools with Deaf teachers

Now there are 9 Deaf Kenyans employed in deaf schools.  11 Deaf Kenyans have graduated at Machakos Teachers College.  3 more Deaf Kenyans are currently in training and will graduate next year.  There are a host of talented Deaf high school students at three schools for the deaf in Kenya and they are being tutored to improve their grade point averages so they're able to matriculate into college.

FUTURE - Imagine 90% of Deaf schools with Deaf teachers

In 2007 there will be more than 20 Deaf teachers employed in Kenya's Deaf schools.  The last GDC supported group of Deaf Kenyans will matriculate into college, graduating in 2009.

In 2009 we expect 90% of Kenya's Deaf primary schools to have a Deaf teacher on staff!  38 Kenyan Deaf primary schools each with a deaf teacher, 7,600 Deaf students understanding their teachers, and 15,000 parents and guardians seeing the capabilities of their Deaf children, and helping them enter college to attain their dreams!

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